Buzuluk a.s. is rolls manufacturer for rubber, plastic, paper and food processing industry,

rolls for brick factories and metallurgical rolls.


Rolls are casted with static casting technology with tangential swirl gate.

Range of rolls:

  • A - Cavity rolls
  • B - Peripherically drilled rolls under sur face
  • C - Heating/cooling drum
  • D - Rolls for brick industry

A – Cavity rolls

For rubber compound processing, where lower temperature control is sufficient.

A – s dutinou

C – Heating/cooling drums

Intended for cooling and drying machines, rotating curing presses, IT sheets drawing.

A – s dutinou

B – peripherically drilled rolls under surface

For rubber and plastic compound where more efficient roll temperature regulation required.

A – s dutinou

D – Rolls for brick industry

For brick raw material (brick - clay) processing.

A – s dutinou


Max. roll length including roll pin:

cavity rolls

4500 mm

drilled (full) rolls

5000 mm

drums and shells

2650 mm

Max. diameter:

Ø 1250 mm

Max. weight:

till 12 t


1. Chilled ingot-mould cast iron

Basic type marking acording to company standards: KL-350 a KL-500

Mechanical material values:



Tensile strength [N/mm²]:



Tensile strength [N/mm²]:



Modulus of elasticity [kN/mm²]:



Hardness [HB (HSh“C“)]

350-500 (51-69)

480 - 530 (68-72)

Rolls material characteristic:

Chilled cast iron rolls have their working sur face created with ledeburit and carbide without microscopically detectable graphite.

struktura materiálu válce

The chilled layer: arises with quick surface layer cooling during hardening of the molten metal in ingot-mould. (pict. Section 1)


Transitional layer: is situated between chilled cast iron and grey graphite core. It is a mixture of ledeburit, carbide and pearlite with the graphite occurrence. (pict. Section 2)


Graphite core: material center (core) is formed with lamellar graphite in pearlitic till pearlitic-ferritic mass with rich phosphide eutectic. (pict. Section 3)

2. Steel rolls

Based on customer demand, for machines, where higher strength is required, we deliver steel rolls. Steel rolls are either forged or rolled, depending on dimensions and roll properties. Rolls can be hardened on surface via frequency heating. Steel rolls with diameter till 610 mm and body lenght till 1 500 mm can be provided with hard chrome-plated layer on surface. Standard thickness of hard chrome-plated layer after grinding is 0,02 mm.


Rolls machining:

We deliver rolls completely machined according prescribed tolerances with final machining Ra 0.2.


Working surface of rolls:

  • Straigh
    • Smooth
    • Partially or fully longitudinally grooved
    • With pattern (coin pattern etc.) - for roll type D
  • Cambered
    • Concave
    • Convex


There is certificate of quality delivered to the customer together with roll, with material details, shape measurement and pressure test.


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Buzuluk - Rubber Machinery
Buzuluk - Rubber Machinery
Buzuluk - Rubber Machinery
Buzuluk - Rubber Machinery

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