Five-roll Calenders

Main core of our manufacturing portfolio represent Multi-roll Calenders.

Our calenders are designed with maximum stress on the perfect product accuracy and quality, long life time, good operational comfort and cost saving solutions.


Our surface machining equipment incl. final grinding provides high accuracy and perfect surface quality. Each roll delivered is provided with dimensional and quality certificate. Calenders rolls are mostly driven with separate drive of each roll with maximum speed accuracy and variable friction ratio setting. All this equipment is supplied based on the respective customer´s application. Having supplied many applications worldwide we can meet all customer´s demands for technology applications. Our calenders are supplied in a complete line. For details see section calender lines.

Key features

  • roll crossing
  • roll bending
  • roll preloading equipment
  • rolls are made of mould cast iron or forged steel in case large size calenders
  • high product thickness accuracy due to hydraulic roll gap adjustment (thickness accuracy = significant costs savings)
  • hydraulic roll gap adjustment, (also mechanical and motorized roll gap adjustment available)
  • hydraulic roll gap adjustment which can also work in a connection with automatic thickness measuring system
  • many calender auxiliaries like edge trimming, several designs of stock guides, bubble piercing equipment
  • automatic oil lubrication unit with temperature and oil flow measurement - for longest possible life time

Calenders technical details:

Five-Roll Calenders

Type of machine




Diameter of the rolls




Typical length of the rolls




Roll configuration


dvojité Y


Typical application



Fabric and steel cord

Typical speed of the rolls




Recommended drive motor power


1 x 12

5 x110

Remark: Roll configuration marked with Y is to be understood as half of Y.

5roll-calender dia 650x 1800

5roll-calender dia 650x 1800

5roll-calender dia 650x 1800_1

5roll-calender dia 650x 1800_1

3D_5roll-calender dia 650x 1800

3D_5roll-calender dia 650x 1800

5roll-calender dia 650x 1800_1

5roll-calender dia 650x 1800_1

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