Buzuluk as a state of art rubber machinery producer wants to become one of the important machinery suppliers to top multinational tire producers. This means increase share of these customers to total turnover to 50%. This grow we want to gain through new products development in mixers and calenders portfolio. By worldwide extensive services and consultancy will increase our relationship with customers. Grow will be also achieved by continuing integration of our company with mother’s company in purpose to effectively use resources and distribute knowledge. We will continue to develop image of quality, safety and reliability. Beside this we want to cut down consumption and wastage through internal processes improvement, quality systems (ISO 9001 since 1996) and will also continue to support our environment protection (ISO 14001 since 2001). Buzuluk want to create image of friendly work environment that offer many different job opportunities, supporting professional grow and which is highly appreciated by applicants.


For decades Buzuluk name has been well known as quality machinery producer and we continue to enhance this image of high technical level, quality and reliability. We will continue to develop new product portfolio the way that meet our customers’ requirements. We don’t want to be just a supplier, we want to be partners with our customers that will take important part in our customers’ development. We are important company in our region which creates many job opportunities. Our company performance doesn’t just provide grow and financial reward to our stakeholders but also supporting local community and care about environment.


Rubber Machinery


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Buzuluk a.s., Buzulucká 108, 267 62 Komárov, ph: +420 311 575 111, e-mail:
Buzuluk - Rubber Machinery
Buzuluk - Rubber Machinery
Buzuluk - Rubber Machinery
Buzuluk - Rubber Machinery

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