Quality control assurance

Buzuluk a. s is the holder of certified management quality system according to standard EN ISO 9001 (from year 1995) and also environment management system norm EN ISO 14001 (from year 2001).


Our products quality and safety is based on our own design solutions, together with many years experience by aplication of advanced methods and techniques.

Customers requirements and feedback are naturally incorporated into particular machine and equipment design.


We produce crucial machine parts on site, where we also perform final assembly, final control and testing of whole machines, lines and equipment. All necessary subdeliveries are purchased from reputable and proven suppliers.


Rubber Machinery


ph: +420 311 575 270
e-mail: sales-ZAVINOVADLO:buzuluk.cz


ph: +420 311 575 440
ph: +420 311 575 471
e-mail: service-ZAVINOVADLO:buzuluk.cz

spare parts

ph: +420 311 575 358
e-mail: spareparts-ZAVINOVADLO:buzuluk.cz

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Buzuluk a.s., Buzulucká 108, 267 62 Komárov, ph: +420 311 575 111, e-mail: info-ZAVINOVADLO:buzuluk.cz
Buzuluk - Rubber Machinery
Buzuluk - Rubber Machinery
Buzuluk - Rubber Machinery
Buzuluk - Rubber Machinery

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